Dr. Szyferman has made a significant impact on the international stage of hair restoration. As the Medical Director of Capilea, a globally renowned company, his professionalism and dedication have been crucial to the company’s success. Founder of the Argentine Association of Hair Restoration and President of the Iberolatin American Society of Hair Transplantation, Dr. Szyferman is a reference in ethics and quality in the field of hair medicine. His contributions have been acknowledged by institutions such as the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and the Spanish Society of Medicine and Hair Transplantation, where he was honored as a Member of Honor.

An active member of the Argentine Association of Surgery and the Argentine Medical Association, Dr. Szyferman has consistently committed to improving healthcare in his country. His meticulous approach and dedication to excellence have positively impacted the lives of those seeking hair solutions, solidifying his position as an influential leader in global hair medicine.



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  • Charles Baker
    Charles Baker
    8 months ago

    The team is incredibly professional and they create a comfortable environment. I highly recommend, you will receive the best service in the world here.

  • Mora Fotos
    Mora Fotos
    2 years ago

    So good service, my husband is happy👏👏

  • alejandro gimenez
    alejandro gimenez
    a week ago

    Yesterday I had the implant. Excellent treatment from Gonzalo, who took care of me and was up to date at all times. The attention is great. The instrumentalist girls are also all very cordial. Now wait for the results.

  • C. Alexandre
    C. Alexandre
    a month ago

    I had a transplant in January 2023 and preferred to wait to give my opinion after having the final results of the procedure. Everyone treated me very well: the person who contacted me on WhatsApp, the receptionist who helped me on the day of surgery, the doctor, technicians, etc. The clinic has a good structure, but unfortunately my results were not good. I am aware that the transplant technique has limitations, but I saw little progress after the fourth month. My density was low and I have defects in some areas, even using finasteride 1 mg.

  • Natalia Bregy
    Natalia Bregy
    3 weeks ago

    I went to the place because my hair growth began to space out more and more between follicles. I did ten months of treatment and nothing worked. I never knew what they applied to my hair (you always have your back to the technician who applies the mesptherapy). They gave me amino acids and I never knew what I was taking. They gave me a scalp product to apply at night and I didn't know what I was putting on either. Halfway through the treatment I had two consultations with Capilea specialists and one told me: "if you don't see results, you can not come again"... That frustrated me because there was no commitment from the place to a client. I do not recommend it.

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