Dr. Erkan Demirsoy has been performing hair surgery for approximately 22 years, beginning his career with the FUT technique before transitioning to the modern FUE technique in 2005. Dr. Demirsoy offers the FUE method using either a manual punch or a micromotor, depending on the preferences of his patients. The term “punch” refers to a hollow needle used for graft extraction, a crucial part of the procedure. Dr. Demirsoy personally oversees the entire process, from planning the hair transplantation and designing the hairline to extracting grafts and opening channels. His commitment to slow and meticulous work ensures natural and high-performance results.

Dr. Demirsoy’s dedication to his craft is evident in his hands-on approach and attention to detail. He places significant emphasis on creating a natural appearance and achieving optimal outcomes for his patients. By personally handling each step of the procedure, Dr. Demirsoy ensures that every aspect of the hair transplantation is tailored to the individual’s needs, resulting in high patient satisfaction. His extensive experience and careful technique have made him a respected figure in the field of hair restoration, known for delivering exceptional and natural-looking results.



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