Dr. Perrault’s illustrious career as a hair restoration specialist in Beverly Hills, California spans over two decades, during which he has garnered a reputation for excellence in treating a myriad of hair loss-related concerns in individuals of all ages and genders. With a keen focus on both medical and surgical interventions, Dr. Perrault’s private practice caters to the restoration needs of the scalp and facial hair-bearing areas, ensuring comprehensive care for his diverse clientele. Renowned for his artistic sensibility, Dr. Perrault has become a trusted confidant to patients hailing from across the globe, including many high-profile individuals, drawn to his expertise and personalized approach to hair restoration.

A significant aspect of Dr. Perrault’s practice revolves around addressing the aftermath of unsuccessful hair restoration procedures, alongside repairing scarring and hair loss stemming from reconstructive surgeries, aesthetic enhancements, and various scalp and facial injuries. His commitment to rectifying such complex cases underscores not only his surgical prowess but also his dedication to restoring not just hair but also confidence and self-assurance in his patients. Dr. Perrault’s unwavering pursuit of perfection in the field of hair restoration continues to set him apart as a leader in his field, enriching the lives of countless individuals through his transformative treatments and compassionate care.



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  • Hilary Ludwig
    Hilary Ludwig
    a month ago

    Dr. Kanodia is amazing! I wanted a subtle change to my nose without it looking overdone. Healing was very quick and I love everything about my results so far! My breathing has also markedly improved. Definitely worth the slightly higher cost and the trip to Beverly Hills to ensure you’re getting the outcome you want.

  • Margarita
    5 months ago

    Trusting Dr. Kanodia with my nose was the smartest decision I ever made and I’m so happy with my results. I’m now 5 weeks post op and my nose looks beautiful, it looks like the nose I’ve been editing onto all my pictures for as long as I remember. I feel so confident now and can’t stop taking photos of myself, yet anyone who didn’t know I was getting my nose done doesn’t even notice when they see me! It looks so natural and I look exactly like myself, just better and people say they can’t put their finger on what changed. If you want a perfect nose but a natural result, nobody will give you a better result than Dr. Kanodia. If I could do it again I would choose him every single time. His entire staff and amazing nurses made my experience from start to finish so friendly and comforting. I even bumped my nose this week by accident and Dr. Kanodia made time to see me ASAP at the last minute to check that everything was okay. I would recommend him to everyone considering a rhinoplasty. It’s scary to change your face but when you know you’re trusting the right doctor it makes the experience exciting and peaceful!!

  • Alexandra Brand
    Alexandra Brand
    a month ago

    I am just so pleased with my results. I went back and forth about doing my nose for many years because I was scared I would no longer “be me”. Dr Kanodia is the best at preserving the character of your face while making vast improvements that appear natural. He is a true artist.

  • Àngels Ratés
    Àngels Ratés
    3 months ago

    Nurse Karla and all the staff @ Kanodia Med Spa were the sweetest to me! When I had come in, I had never done any treatments on my face. Karla was really helpful from the beginning to help me find the best treatments specifically for me. She recommended I start with a chemical peel and micro-needling with Exosomes, which I loved! Safety is so important to her and she's always told me not to do too many treatments. We later on chose a laser together for skin tightness and to help with fine lines and I am nothing but over the moon with the results from Morpheus!! She's incredibly skilled and besides from making you feel super safe, her performance of any treatment is terrific- fast and efficient. She always has new product recommendations and overall, I'm really happy I found the most knowledgeable and top spa in LA!

  • Ali Sabbah
    Ali Sabbah
    2 months ago

    It's been 6 months since my surgery and I couldn't possibly be any happier with the results! My whole quality of life changed for the better from this surgery with Dr. Kanodia, from self confidence, ability to breathe and run better, and quality of sleep from following Dr. Kanodia's recommendation of using a humidifier at night! My only regret is that I didn't get this surgery many many years ago! My nose looks so incredibly natural, and I was able to go back to work after 7 days of the surgery, it was so quick that my coworkers couldn't believe I even I had it done! No one does this business like Dr. Kanodia and his team, don't cheat yourself by going to another doctor, because Dr. Kanodia will simply just give you a better result at anything you're seeking to do! Can't wait to bring my brother-in-law to get his done with Dr. Kanodia!!!

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