Winner of the prestigious “Golden Follicle Award,” the highest accolade in world medicine for hair transplantation, Dr. Marcelo Pitchon from Brazil is renowned for his innovative technique of conducting hair transplants without shaving the head, using his Preview Long Hair method. This technique, applicable for both FUE and FUT procedures, preserves the length of the donor hair grafts and relocates them to the recipient area. By the end of the surgery, patients can catch a glimpse of the anticipated outcome of the hair transplant, providing an immediate sense of satisfaction. However, this preview is transitory, as the transplanted hair typically sheds gradually within 2 to 6 weeks post-procedure, similar to conventional hair transplantation.

Dr. Pitchon advocates for his technique primarily due to its immediate positive emotional impact on patients following the procedure. The ability to see the potential results right after surgery significantly boosts patients’ morale and confidence. Additionally, the visibility of postoperative crusting is significantly reduced, thanks to the camouflage effect provided by the long hair. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal immediately after the surgery but also improves the overall patient experience during the recovery phase. Dr. Pitchon’s innovative approach continues to set new standards in the field of hair restoration.



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