Dr. Jones stands as a beacon of excellence in the medical community, driven by a steadfast commitment to delivering superior surgical outcomes. With a medical degree from McMaster University’s Department of Medicine in 1979, Dr. Jones embarked on a journey marked by continuous learning and innovation. His pursuit of excellence led him to pursue continuing education in cosmetic laser surgery at prestigious institutions such as Harvard and Loyola Universities, further honing his skills and expanding his expertise. Renowned globally as an innovator in hair transplant techniques, Dr. Jones’ pioneering work in follicular unit extraction (FUE) has revolutionized the field, allowing for individual hair follicle transplantation without incisions or stitches.

A trailblazer in the realm of hair restoration, Dr. Jones has been at the forefront of FUE procedures for two decades, earning the distinction of being the first practitioner to conduct large FUE sessions globally. Alongside his esteemed partners, Dr. Huber and Dr. Alexander, he continues to push boundaries, routinely performing mega 3,000+ graft FUE case sessions in a single day at their Oakville practice. Dr. Jones’ unparalleled skill and dedication culminate in outcomes that exceed expectations, seamlessly blending with natural hair and achieving the pinnacle of hair restoration: virtually undetectable, completely natural-looking transplants.



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