With a diverse and extensive background spanning various medical specialties, including intensive care, emergency medicine, and hair transplantation, the practitioner brings a wealth of experience to the table. Having served as an Intensive Care and Coronary Care Physician as well as an Emergency Physician at Regina General Hospital in the mid-1990s, they developed a solid foundation in critical care and acute medicine. Transitioning to the field of hair restoration, they spent nearly a decade as a Hair Transplant Specialist with a multinational hair restoration group, where they not only performed surgeries but also played a pivotal role in training new physicians and medical assistants. This hands-on experience was complemented by active involvement in professional associations such as the Canadian Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (CAHRS), the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), and the American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ASHRS), where they served in various capacities, including advisory council member and committee chair.

In addition to their clinical practice, the practitioner has made significant contributions to the advancement of hair restoration surgery through their editorial roles and committee memberships. As a Column Editor for “Hair Repair” and “Surgeon of the Month” in the Hair Transplant Forum International, they shared their expertise and insights with colleagues worldwide. Their leadership extends to committee roles within the ISHRS, where they have been actively involved in initiatives related to continuing medical education, fellowship training, and website development. Their commitment to education and innovation is further underscored by their roles as Scientific Program Co-Chair for the Basics Program at the ISHRS Scientific Assembly and as a member of the ISHRS Physician Training Task Force. Through their multifaceted experience and dedication to the field, the practitioner continues to shape the landscape of hair restoration surgery and advance the standards of care.



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  • G M
    G M
    a week ago

    Booked and paid 2 months in advanced to see the lactation specialist. I was told if the baby does not come by the date that they suggested to book on they will accommodate that. A few days before the appointment I called to let them know that I am over due and it does not look like I will be home with the baby by the appointment date. The receptionist was rude as soon as she answered and said they could only move my appointment to their next available date over 3 weeks away. If I decided to wait to see if baby comes they would not refund my money as I wouldn’t be able to call to cancel over the long weekend. They have a lot of attitude when you call. I asked for a refund and called Pine Health. They immediately got me a phone consultation with their lactation specialist. The price is higher but much better availability meaning no pressure to book and pay before your baby comes, the receptionist and consultant were both very nice and you get a 90 minute one on one appointment where the reviews here sound like the appointments can be very rushed.

  • MacKenzie Sept
    MacKenzie Sept
    3 months ago

    I had a great experience at the Women's Wellness Centre. I was referred here by my family doctor to have my old IUD removed and a new one inserted because this clinic offers a cervical blocker for pain management and my family doctor does not offer this. I had a horribly painful experience having my first IUD put in so I was adamant that I needed pain management for the next one and my doctor listened. Upon arrival to Synergy Clinic I was greeted promptly and seated to wait to be put in a room. I will admit, the front desk staff is not warm/welcoming/kind, but I can look past this I suppose. The nurse was fantastic and got me prepped for the procedure. I saw Dr. Kornder. She was bubbly, patient, and knowledgeable. She made me feel at ease. Took things slow. Answered all my questions. I would say the removal and insertion of the new IUD was a 3/10 for pain with the assistance of the cervical blocker. My previous experience was easily a 10/10 for pain. Over all I had a positive experience at the Women's Wellness Centre and would definitely recommend this clinic and Dr. Kornder. Thanks to her and her team for making me feel so comfortable. And to the people complaining about paying $2 for parking, grow up lol.

  • Ilda Ajanovic
    Ilda Ajanovic
    a month ago

    Dr. Botros and Dr. Puzniak are one of a kind! I have seen numerous doctors in my life but this is new to me...having a doctor who truly cares about your well-being...follows up with you with phonecalls and puts in the effort to advocate for you with other medical teams...all for your well being. This is the first time ever that I feel my doctor actually cares about me.

  • Raelynn Barber
    Raelynn Barber
    2 months ago

    Erica Kalke saved my breastfeeding journey! My now 5 month old daughter was having so many issues with breastfeeding due to a tongue tie and bad reflux. I’m so happy that these issues have been resolved, thanks to Erica’s help and guidance. Erica is compassionate, supportive, and very knowledgeable!

  • Ali Horwill
    Ali Horwill
    2 months ago

    Cannot say enough - Dr. Bajwa took the time to speak with me, assess my situation in great depth, and was genuinely caring while offering me real solutions. I have been to see others doctors in the past regarding ongoing pain, and was dismissed saying nothing was wrong with me multiple times - I genuinely started to wonder if I was wrong, and it was maybe in my head. Today Dr. Bajwa validated me, and I cannot express how much that meant. If anyone is able to get referrals here - It is worth the wait.

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