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Dr. Mary Jo Kristine Bunagan, MD, FISHRS, is a highly esteemed medical practitioner renowned for her specialization in hair restoration. With her board certification and FISHRS designation from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, she exemplifies excellence in her field. Dr. Bunagan’s dedication to staying abreast of the latest advancements in hair restoration technologies and techniques underscores her commitment to providing her patients with the highest quality of care.

Known for her compassionate approach and meticulous attention to detail, Dr. Bunagan has earned the trust and admiration of her patients. Beyond her clinical practice, she is actively involved in research and education, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field of hair restoration. Dr. Bunagan’s patients benefit not only from her expertise but also from her personalized treatment plans tailored to meet their individual needs, making her a respected leader in the realm of hair restoration.



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  • Ja Lee
    Ja Lee
    4 months ago

    Referred by Medisense Bcx of my very small hemorrhoid that I got from giving birth last 2009. Been working overseas for a decade and has no problem with this, now the said clinic referred me here and the doctor/surgeon was late for an hour and a half, so there's a lot of us in line. Heard a lot of complaints that they wanted to conduct a surgery with minor hemorrhoids same as mine. When it was my turn, I told them of my thoughts and that I wanted just a medicine and will never ever have that surgery, and the surgeon wouldn't want agree cx he insist I should do it. Like don't we have any choice at all?! Then I asked for waiver also he didn't give me that. For real?! Would you advise people from far places to get that minor surgery when you can just give them prescription? How would I say that when I'm no doctor or surgeon myself? Well, my aunt is a doctor in California, my cousins are nurses in UAE, and another cousin is a nurse in DavSur, my aunts are midwife in DavSur, I asked for their advises about this hemorrhoid and they all agreed that it's not necessary. Will never ever come back to this surgeon that will not even give us a chance to see another option. Probably will not recommend

  • karlo echave
    karlo echave
    a month ago

    The medical staff is good, the doctors most of them are very accommodating, the nurses are average probably because they are new employees and the worst part is their astronomical charges and slow billing processes that can cripple the patients family financially. I don't recommend this hospital to those who can't afford. Money centered hospital.

  • Yvonne Julia Harrow
    Yvonne Julia Harrow
    4 months ago

    This establishment does not even deserve a 1 star. The overall experience here made me never want to go back or recommend this place to my family or closest relatives. The slow service and seemingly unapproachable staff at this hospital made my experience quite disheartening. The nonchalant treatment by the staff compounded my negative perception of this place. It is evident that there may be underlying issues contributing to the dissatisfaction among the staff, which is concerning, since it could potentially impact patient care. Not to mention, the areas and different sections of this hospital are very confusing and disorganized, and the interior and overall establishment are very depressing.

  • Tomasz i Elma
    Tomasz i Elma
    5 months ago

    Great postnatal care.. great and nice service.. professional and nice.. My son was cured

  • LP T (LPT)
    LP T (LPT)
    7 months ago

    incompetent nurses, I dont know if they're understaff but some of them were rude. An tagal pa ng mga scheduled test, even some of the medications are not properly endorsed to the next NOD. Super expensive pa ng charges. Doctors were nice and professional some of their nurses lang tlga mga irate at rude

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