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Dr. Ruban Nathan, an esteemed senior consultant dermatologist, is revolutionizing dermatological treatment approaches by advocating scientifically proven naturopathic dietary modifications alongside conventional therapies. With expertise spanning laser treatments and hair restoration surgery, Dr. Nathan serves as co-director of the Nathan Skin Hair Laser Centre in Kuala Lumpur, while also providing care at Sunway Medical Centre and Assunta Hospital. His contributions to Cosmetic Dermatology, including a textbook chapter, and engagements as a visiting lecturer underscore his commitment to advancing the field. Inspired by a psoriasis case’s remarkable response to plant-based Omega 3 oil supplementation and dietary adjustments, Dr. Nathan emphasizes the role of lifestyle choices in managing autoimmune conditions, advocating for plant-centric diets supplemented with targeted nutrients like Omega 3 Oil.

In addition to his clinical endeavors, Dr. Ruban Nathan actively participates in global initiatives to promote ethical standards in dermatological practice. As a member of an international panel of Hair Transplant Surgeons supporting the “Fight the Fight” campaign initiated by the ISHRS, he aims to combat the proliferation of illicit hair transplant clinics worldwide. Dr. Nathan’s collaboration with Malaysia’s Ministry of Health underscores his dedication to upholding ethical standards in Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery, contributing to the certification process through the Letters of Credentialling & Privileging Committee (LCP). This commitment ensures that practitioners meet rigorous standards, safeguarding patient safety and ethical practice within the field.


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