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Dr. Ginsburg is active in the International Organization for Surgical Dermatology (ISDS) as well as active in the International Organization for Hair Transplantation (ISHRS). He directs and conducts lectures and workshops at various conferences on hair transplantation in the world. Dermatologists come to him for training in hair transplantation, to the clinic in Israel from all over the world. Since 1991 Dr. Ginzburg has performed over 12,000 hair transplants and is the oldest and most experienced among the hair transplanters in Israel as well as the only dermatologist who performs this process,

Dr. Alex Ginsburg is a distinguished figure in the medical community, revered for his expertise and leadership in the field of cardiology. With a wealth of experience and a stellar academic background, Dr. Ginsburg has emerged as a trusted authority in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. His commitment to advancing patient care is evident in his meticulous approach to each case, where he combines cutting-edge medical technology with compassionate, patient-centered care. Dr. Ginsburg’s contributions extend beyond his clinical practice, as he actively engages in research and academic endeavors aimed at furthering our understanding of cardiovascular health and disease management.

In addition to his clinical and research efforts, Dr. Ginsburg is passionate about medical education and mentorship. He plays an active role in teaching and guiding medical students, residents, and fellows, imparting not only his clinical knowledge but also his values of empathy, integrity, and professionalism. Dr. Ginsburg’s dedication to excellence in patient care, research, and education underscores his commitment to making a meaningful impact on the field of cardiology and the lives of those he serves


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  • Falk Fish
    Falk Fish
    6 years ago

    Currently no parking. Otherwise well maintained with a supermarket, coffee shops, banks, Maccabee clinic, flowers shops, fashion. Nothing special.

  • Uriel Brison
    Uriel Brison
    4 years ago

    Great neighborhood shopping center with all the shops one needs for everyday shopping plus several restaurants, a pharmacy and a hardware store.

  • Omri Ben Moshe
    Omri Ben Moshe
    6 years ago

    Great place, nice and relaxed atmosphere, good selection of family restaurants, but also a quite place for 2.

  • Jonathan Waiman
    Jonathan Waiman
    6 years ago

    Nice shops and restaurants but there is a big parking issue around

  • Yotam Kadishay
    Yotam Kadishay
    7 years ago

    Nice center, few useful shops, gets crowded on Friday noon.

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