After dedicating a full decade to Aesthetic Medicine, a field I delved into since graduating in Medicine and General Surgery back in 1983, I found myself drawn to the realm of hair surgery. Recognizing the profound impact it has on individuals beyond mere aesthetics, I felt compelled to leverage my professional expertise to aid those grappling with hair-related issues. Hair treatment or transplantation goes beyond surface-level concerns; it directly influences self-esteem and personal confidence, making it a crucial aspect of personal well-being.

In 1998, acknowledging this imperative, I co-founded Medical Hair in Argentina alongside Dr. Spagnoulo and Dr. Foglia. Our clinic quickly established itself as a pioneer in cutting-edge hair treatments aimed at halting hair loss or restoring it in cases of androgenetic alopecia. Our success propelled us to expand, establishing Medical Hair branches and franchises across Spain and South America, earning recognition as top-tier hair transplant specialists. Now, as I embark on the next phase of my professional journey in Vigo, my mission remains unchanged: to empower individuals with greater hair density and volume, enabling them to truly see themselves in the mirror with confidence and recognition.



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