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Graduate of the University of Liège in Belgium, Jean Devroye is Doctor of Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics.

Since 2000, Dr Devroye has specialised exclusively in hair restoration. He developed this passion in the late 1990s, when he decided to go to the United States in order to complete most of his training under Dr John Cole (Atlanta, USA).

Dr Devroye also specialises in eyebrow, beard and moustache transplantation. He uses both the FUT and FUE techniques.

As a true innovator, he focuses on improving instrumentation for hair transplant.
For the last six years, he has even developed his own motorized system and his own tool for extracting follicular grafts.

He is recognized by its peers for his research on the quality of grafts growth. He is by the way in charge of a global study on the growth of transected hair in donor area for the FUE Research Committee.


Q Is it normal to lose some precious hairs every day?

Yes, hair cycles happen constantly, which explains why we lose about 100 hairs every day.

Q What are the different parts of a hair?

The medulla: this is the centre of the hair composed of big cells without nucleus The cortex: this is the middle layer which represents more than 90% of the hair mass. It looks like a long wire rope. The cuticle: this is the outer most layer formed by scale-like cells, like the tail of a lizard.

Q Why do we lose our hair?

The cause is often hereditary. This is actually a hyper sensitivity from some hairs to male hormones, but this is not an excess of male hormones. Moreover, hair loss is the result of a programming whose timing is different according to the place the hair is located.