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Dr Konstantinos Anastassakis


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Konstantinos Anastassakis M.D. Ph.D, is board-certified by the Athens Medical Association & the Hellenic Society of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.

Dr. Anastassakis is among the few handful physicians of hair restoration in the world who are awarded the “Experience Route” accreditation as a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. He also currently sits as a member of the oral examination board of that organization.

He is a member of the ISHRS and he has been participating continually to the annual world meetings of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery since 2009 as a lecturer and moderator. Dr. Konstantinos Anastassakis was elected member of the Board of Directors of ABHRS, by ABHRS members, from January 1st, 2018 and with a three-year term of office. This post – in the highest hierarchical body of ABHRS – is given for the first time to a Greek physician. 

Dr. Anasassakis is the first and only Greek doctor certified in Hair Transplantation holding a position as a chairman in an ISHRS’s conference so far.

In November 2019, Anastasakis Hair Clinic was awarded as the Leading Hair Transplantation Clinic in Greece at the SALUS INDEX AWARDS 2019, the annual meeting of all health care companies, where only the best are awarded.


Q Why is it necessary to find a qualified surgeon?

Because Hair Transplantation is fully visible and permanent. When hair transplantation is successful it will dramatically change your image and the result will last forever because the new hairs are never going to fall.

However, if the surgery is unsuccessful, unnatural or sparse, then the change will be impressively “negative” and will again be permanent.

And one thing you must remember is that the results of a bad hair transplantation cannot be hidden and cannot be improved “on their own” over time.

For example unlike a scar on the chest by an open-heart surgery that easily can be hidden under clothes, a bad hair transplantation is hidden only if you are constantly wearing a hat or a wig.

Every time someone looks himself in the mirror, he will be reminded of his mistake for not finding the appropriate, qualified doctor.

In addition to not being easy to hide a bad hair transplantation result, is very difficult to correct and even more difficult for the patient to forget it since already his lifted spirit and excitement for the new hair has been destroyed.

So, if you do not want to end up wearing a hat or a wig or shaving your head to hide the unnatural hair transplantation that has been performed by an inexperienced, unskilled doctor or, worse, a non-expert, there’s only one thing you should do: A serious market research before trusting your head to someone!

And even more important: Do not rush to decide who you will trust!

Q Why you should not make a rush decision:

Hair transplantation is not an emergency surgery, not even a necessary one, though it is presented as that by many prolific or professional salesmen who will urge you to “book” a hair transplantation immediately!

Keep in mind that you have as much time as you want to find a qualified surgeon.

Remember that nothing will change if someone conducts research a few extra weeks until they reach a decision that will follow him for a lifetime.

In Hair Transplantation, it is not a matter for the doctor to persuade the patient that surgery is needed (which is the case for the necessary surgical procedures to correct a health problem).

In Hair Transplant, the patient must be convinced that he can trust the doctor who performs the hair transplantation.

So do your research and take your time!

It will be one of the most important time investments you have made in your life.