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Loek Habbema is a leading Dutch physician with more than 30 years of experience in cosmetic dermatology and surgery. Among other things, he is specialized in the removal of unwanted fat with a specially developed liposuction technique (Tumescent Liposculpture). This technique is used to remove unwanted fat from the legs, stomach, arms, buttocks and breasts. Loek Habbema is also an expert in the treatment of lipedema using tumuscent liposculpture.He occupies an important position both nationally and internationally in the world of cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic surgery. He regularly gives lectures and conducts demonstration operations. He also publishes many scientific articles . Loek Habbema is the only Dutch doctor certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. In the Netherlands, he helps determine policy guidelines for cosmetic treatments in dermatology.In 2015 he received the Karl Koller Award for his great contribution to the development of Tumescent Local Anesthesia. And recently he was awarded by the WAOCS (World Association of Cosmetic Surgery) for his contribution to the development of the profession.In recent years he has treated many patients in the private clinic Medisch Centrum ‘t Gooi, of which he was founder and director. Now he treats his patients from the Bergman Clinic in Hilversum.Doctor Loek Habbema is registered in the BIG register with number 19021296601.He is a frequent speaker at important international congresses. This has also resulted in many positions on the Board of several international associations. Loek Habbema was also awarded the Karl Koller Award in 2015 for his major contribution to the development of Tumescent Local Anesthesia.Doctor Loek Habbema studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam. He specialized in the Dermatologist-Venereologist in the Academic Hospital of the Free University in Amsterdam. He was then appointed head of the outpatient clinic at the Academic Hospital Rotterdam, Dijkzigt. Since 1993 he has been working as an independent dermatologist at Medisch Centrum ‘t Gooi in Bussum, of which he is also director. There he deliberately focused on areas in cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic dermatology surgery.


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  • Nasrin Rastgoo
    Nasrin Rastgoo
    11 months ago

    I had a great experience, the staff are so helpful.

  • O J
    O J
    6 months ago

    What a great clinic with top staff, I went here with my girlfriend for a breast enlargement. After the reception in the cozy “living room” we received a very good explanation of how the day would go and what exactly was expected of us. After this we continued to the luxurious, beautiful Private room, everything was once again perfectly arranged! I provided my phone number for updates so that I would be back on time, this worked very well. This day couldn't have gone smoother for us after some healthy anticipation that was absolutely unnecessary. Today, the 1st day after surgery, a nurse called nicely to ask how everything went during the night, the answer was more than good. We discussed some more questions with her that we had received anyway and received proper answers. The after-service is also perfectly arranged here!

  • marleen jongh
    marleen jongh
    2 months ago

    If you have severe skin complaints, go to a dermatologist where you hope for further examination, because the GP can also estimate what it could be. After being inside for less than 5 minutes, the dermatologist has 0 knowledge of me and my background. She is betting on eczema and a fungal infection, so she applies both creams at the same time. When I started talking about my natural attitude and why I wanted further research, she became irritated and said that I had 2 choices: apply cream or wait and then start taking medication. I can't call it a specialist clinic if no effort is made to conduct some further research. Everything has to be done quickly these days. Disappointing

  • Tim & Nicole Pickett
    Tim & Nicole Pickett
    3 months ago

    Bergman Clinics Hilversum - 'woman' department Had great hope that Bergman would look at the woman as a whole in the 'woman' department, since many female disorders are controlled by hormones and, partly because of this, are not limited to one solution/treatment. In my case endometriosis/adenomiosis. A more personal approach, and also looking at the entire picture. Empathy. Unfortunately, this was a misconception on my part. Very difficult to reach by phone. Apparently you have to be available all day for calling appointments. After the third attempt, I finally spoke to the doctor. Moreover, I also find that a telephone appointment after only one personal appointment with the gynecologist is not very empathetic and gives little room to discuss concerns. I was also only offered a follow-up, again a telephone appointment, after I requested it. In three months. While I was in the middle of a pain attack (medications, painkillers, two visits to the hospital emergency room). I had hoped for a more personal approach. Especially by female gynecologists. Shame.

  • Leontien Geenen
    Leontien Geenen
    3 months ago

    Not recommended. Two years ago I had breast extraction correction and lipofilling done. If you wanted to do the lipofilling again within a year, it would be half price. This was wild However, after a year I still had a lot of pain, which made this impossible. After these were over and I indicated that I wanted to do the filling again, this was no longer possible with a discount because the year was over, unbelievable for such a company. Everything else was perfectly taken care of, friendly, etc., but this was really disappointing.

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