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Dr. Mir Malkani, MBBS, MISHRS, FRCS, aged 54, is a pioneer and leader in the field of FUE hair transplants in the UK. Over the past 15 years, he has performed more than 4,000 hair transplant procedures, establishing himself as an innovator in FUE surgery. Dr. Malkani is one of the first three FUE surgeons in the UK and has played a significant role in developing modern FUE surgery techniques. Since January 2008, he has specialized in FUE surgery, dedicating the past five years almost exclusively to this method. Dr. Malkani is deeply involved in every patient’s care and their surgical outcomes, personally handling all surgical aspects to ensure a high standard of work and accountability, in full compliance with UK law.

Dr. Malkani has developed a deep interest in and extensive practice in facial aesthetics, body sculpting, and hair loss treatment over many years. His surgical qualifications, experience, and expertise in facial cosmetology have enabled him to master the most modern and advanced techniques of FUE hair surgery. These exceptional skills have transformed the lives of his male, female, and transgender patients. Notably, Dr. Malkani maintains an extremely low transaction rate (damage to grafts during extraction) of under 2%, ensuring a high volume of viable grafts and excellent results without compromising the donor area. Additionally, he is among the few surgeons in the UK capable of harvesting body hair for transplants when the donor area is depleted.

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  • Florian Kleinlercher

    Dr Gaier, who we had a consultation with at 22 Harley Street, eagerly took our money for tests and related consultations for my wife and my very unwell 84-year old mother-in-law many months ago and we are still waiting for any kind of useful result. My wife chased him many times and when we finally got hold of him (the delay, we were told, apparently had been caused by a 'bad ankle', even though he was actively practising when we finally got him on the phone) he sent a report that was completely meaningless for my wife's results and we are STILL waiting for any kind of response for my mother-in-law, months after she sent in her samples - despite of us chasing him again and again - SHAMEFUL behaviour! One could think that we may be an isolated case but a very close friend of ours is also still waiting for her results and she saw him a month before we did. Being an Austrian myself, I feel embarrassed by Dr Gaier's complete unprofessionalism and the callous attitude and disregard he has shown towards my struggling mother-in-law, in my opinion he's an Austrian that gives our country a bad name. Call yourself a 'Healer' - nothing could be further from the truth. Our last resort seems to be the Small Claims Court so that we at least get our money back and that's where we're heading next.

  • Dan Tauber
    Dan Tauber
    8 years ago

    I came to see Dr Goran Stojanovic at the new location last week. I am impressed to see how things have changed. There seems to be more time now that everything is in one place. The staff is as pleasant as always and the front reception was very nice to greet me. Keep up the good work at the nduclinic. Thank you for the great experience

  • daniel Gol
    daniel Gol
    8 years ago

    Dr Frederik Andersson has been amazing in my treatment, love the place thank you so much for your amazing skills.

  • Carol Verity
    Carol Verity
    7 years ago

    Excellent consulting rooms for hire - good people to do business with and highly professional.

  • Ibrahim Mudey
    Ibrahim Mudey
    7 years ago


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