The Serrano Medical Unit, under the guidance of Dr. Mónica Rolando Damevin, is a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated exclusively to hair microtransplantation. Dr. Rolando holds the distinction of being the first surgeon to introduce the hair graft technique in Madrid and one of the pioneering figures in Europe. With over 30 years of experience and specialized training in hair microtransplantation, she possesses comprehensive knowledge of all hair transplant techniques, making her a leading authority in the field.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, the Serrano Medical Unit continually integrates the latest technological advances into its practice. This dedication to ongoing training and innovation has established Dr. Rolando and her team as among the most experienced professionals in Spain, with a proven track record of successfully resolving alopecia cases through natural hair microtransplantation. Additionally, Dr. Rolando’s distinguished career includes leadership roles at prestigious clinics and active involvement in professional societies dedicated to advancing hair restoration surgery.



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  • Javier Quero
    Javier Quero
    4 months ago

    I went to accompany a friend and the experience of 10. The doctor is a professional with more than 30 years of experience in the sector 100%. We followed their advice and treatments and the evolution has been unbeatable. Also thank Montse for her treatment throughout the entire process.

  • Carlos Rerucha
    Carlos Rerucha
    5 months ago

    I was a patient of Dr. Fueyo and Dr. Mónica Rolando from December 2020 to December 2022. During that time, I was prescribed minoxidil and finasteride treatment to improve my alopecia. At the first consultation they told me about a 1-2% chance of temporary sexual side effects, never persistent. In the first weeks I already had a low libido. Wow, what bad luck. After a few months, they prescribed the 5mg dose (whose active ingredient is not equally distributed in the pills) to be divided into 4. They did not communicate to the pharmacies or the patient the brands of the pills that could be divided. In December 2022, my sexual and psychological health were destroyed with the 5mg pill, whose brand and form were different. I haven't recovered yet. I wrote to them by email, spoke with them on the phone and they denied my experience, which was all psychological. If the treatment feels bad to you, they throw you down the toilet of oblivion. A shame, very bad experience.

  • Diego FC
    Diego FC
    6 months ago

    A friend was prescribed Finasteride for hair loss and is now devastated by the side effects, which have become permanent. These drugs that can have such serious consequences for health should never be prescribed for aesthetic purposes, much less without warning patients of the possible associated risks, as has been the case. Their instructions to the patient during consultation contradict the risks indicated on the medication's package insert.

  • Joaquín
    10 months ago

    Very kind and very direct... You CANNOT do a transplant and that's it. While others, with professional care and hair preparation, do. It is not clear to me that there is a protocol when it is not a simple operation. They say NO and it's over. This way they don't get into complications. No matter how good they say Dr.

  • katherine Andrea Chavez

    The only clinic that really cares about patients and doesn't try to sell you products or give you surgery to make more money. I highly recommend it.

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