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Dr Richard Dubois


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The Dr. Richard Dubois is a graduate proud of the Faculty of Medicine at Laval University. Graduated from the class of 1991 as a general practitioner, his medical career has only just begun. It was that same year that he created the IGCQC ( Institute of Hair Transplant of Quebec ) and the Clinique Pro MD.

Dr. Dubois is a member of the ‘ International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). ISHRS is a worldwide medical authority on the treatment and restoration of hair loss. ISHRS provides continuing medical education to physicians specializing in hair transplant surgery, which makes Dr. Dubois an outstanding resource, always up to date on the latest care and solutions for his patients. He is also part of a delegation of 10 Canadians who graduated from the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), which is internationally recognized as certification for hair restoration surgery for physicians around the world.

With all this background and all his experience, Dr. Dubois is now a trainer in hair transplantation, but also an entrepreneur. In fact, he has marketed several inventions recognized by Health Canada and the US Food and Drug Administration.

It was in 2015 that Dr. Dubois invented the Twist Stripper, a medical tool facilitating the extraction of veins during varicose vein treatments. He presents his product to several physicians and industry professionals at the annual  New Surgical Instrument in Micro-Phlebectomy congress .

In 2016, Dr. Richard Dubois and the Quebec research firm Dermo-Lab Pharma looked  into the question of designing a shampoo that could promote the healing of patients who have received a transplant. After several months of laboratory research, Bionix was born. A mild shampoo to cook the scalp without inheriting ingredients. The goal of this research was to offer his customers a shampoo for post-transplant care, but what he succeeds is greater, They have developed a product that can serve both the general public and its patients. For the sake of making a product that is gentle on the skin and the scalp, he has succeeded in meeting a rich market demand abandoned by the major pharmaceutical brands.Bionix is recommended for children, people of all ages and even for hair professionals. The shampoo does not damage the hair in any way, so it can be used to clean the wigs and hair extensions without damaging the hair.

Dr. Richard Dubois has always been very sensitive to the cause of baldness, because for him it is a problem that goes much further than appearance. People suffering from baldness can suffer several moral and psychological consequences as a result of their differences. Baldness is the result of a large number of complex factors. It was in September 2017 that Dr. Richard Dubois made a dream come true, to found the Fondation Québecoise de la balvitie . An organization that comes to the aid of the person affected by this problem and that does not necessarily have the financial means to remedy this situation. In a world where social pressures are so strong, it is important for Dr. Richard Dubois and his team to offer resources to people suffering from baldness.