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Dr U of DermHair ClinicDr. Sanusi Umar ( Dr U ) is certified by the American Board of Dermatology, prior to which he was certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He also completed a fellowship training in cosmetic surgery under the direction of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.  As a pioneer in hair transplant surgery, he is widely published and recognized in his field.Dr. U completed residency training in dermatology in Los Angeles, and is currently a clinical faculty of the University of California at Los Angeles – UCLA”. A native of Nigeria, Dr U obtained his medical degree in at the UniMaid College of Medical Sciences. After a housemanship in Namibia, Dr U completed his first residency training in Internal Medicine at the Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow, New York. During his residency, his work and research in the field of infectious disease was recognized with a first place award from the Long Island Infectious Diseases fellows’ competition, and he was invited to present at the International AIDS conference in Geneva, Switzerland. He was again honored to chair a session at the International AIDS conference in Durban South Africa.With his advanced training, love of research and interest in a natural process for hair restoration, Dr. U pursued his passion of the art and science of hair transplantation. After personally experiencing the devastating consequences of a botched hair transplant surgery, he wanted to find a solution for others.Dr. U began this quest by comparing different procedures for hair restoration in the United States and abroad, focusing on alternatives to the painful surgery and limitations of traditional treatments for hair replacement. Many alternative treatments were still in the developmental stages and were flawed, so he began to design a new, minimally invasive, FUE hair transplant procedure.


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  • Luis 1710
    Luis 1710
    2 weeks ago

    I'm happy with what the clinic and what dr.u have been able to do for my hair restoration. I didn't know how bad it was until I saw the before and after. Dr.u was also able to identify an inflammatory issue on my scalp that was causing scarring, pervading hair from growing but because of the treatment started seeing improvements.

  • Jack Ferreri
    Jack Ferreri
    4 months ago

    I would sincerely warn anyone who goes to Dr Sanusi Umar or Dr U. I had a procedure done and this Dr is a complete fraud. He is unprofessional. He lied about the amount of grafts that I received. I had very poor results. The work that he did was not done well. He told me he thought I had lichen planopilaris the morning right before he was going to do my procedure. If this was true, he should have never done the procedure. He told me he still wanted to proceed with the surgery. He then told me he would take a biopsy during my procedure and test it for the condition. Weeks after my procedure he sent me lab results saying I tested positive for the condition. This condition that he claimed I had would make all of my hair fall out. Also, I confirmed with other hair Doctors that if he thought I had the condition, he should have never proceeded with the surgery. No upstanding doctor would. He was setting up his excuse for the poor results prior to the procedure. The results were bad as I did not end up with anywhere near the amount of grafts that I paid for. Since my procedure I have had my scalp examined and tested and I do not have the condition that he claimed I had. He is looking to steal your money. DO NOT GO TO HIM AND WARN ANYONE ELSE WHO IS THINKING THEY MIGHT. There should be laws protecting people from Doctors like him. I asked him to refund some of my money and I never heard from him again. I am seeking legal action. In response Dr Umar’s comments I would say that he is taking a legal position instead of a position in which he actually cares about the patient and his responsibility to provide what was communicated. Another reason why no one should go to this doctor. He is a fraud. I promise you.

  • Tom Anderson
    Tom Anderson
    a month ago

    Avoid avoid avoid! This doctors office is the most unorganized and unprofessional office I have dealt with in years. You will be greeted by Ana at the front office (Also called ov_erwe_ight Ana) who is not competent enough to be handling even a basic position minimum wag_e job as secretary, and will give you attitude through you whole interaction with her. Then you will receive care from Dr. 'U' who works a double shift, acting as the doctor and office manager?? (This should tell you all you need to know) The topical solution the doctor gave me made my condition worse! The doctor is severely undertrained in this field and I wouldn't let him get near me or my scalp with a ten foot pole. Horrible service, rude and incompetent staff, and doctors who are not capable. EDIT: This doctor is not competent enough to be working in this profession, nor any profession. I did not come in on the date he mentioned and I did in fact see this doctor for an appointment. He is now lying on reviews, just as many of his reviews are fabricated, and we are now currently investigating this. I have plenty of peace, what bothers me is people like you, sociopaths who scheme your way through an industry, hurting innocent people. And then you sleep like a baby as you are a sociopath are middle aged, and have nothing else going for you. Go back to school please and educate yourself.

  • Joseph Allen
    Joseph Allen
    6 months ago

    I have done a lot of research on hair transplant. My first experience was with a very well known group of medical professionals. In the end I was disappointed. Then I found Dr. Umar. After learning about him and his methods, I believed I found the right doctor. He is highly accredited in the medical profession. Not only did he repair the scar left from the previous procedure, the growth I'm experiencing in just four and a half months since my procedure is amazing. If you are contemplating where to have your procedure done, save yourself a lot of time and hassle and get it done right the first time with Dr. Umar and his professional medical staff. I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me.

  • Egua'gie Iyalekhue
    Egua'gie Iyalekhue
    6 months ago

    I have been going to Dr U since May to remove the acne keloidalis nuchae on the back of my head. From day one, he has treated my condition with utmost attention. His staff are nice bunch of people and I always feel welcomed whenever I have an appointment. I have been back there to meet him a few more times for follow-ups, Dr U is making sure my AKN is completely gone for good. I appreciate everything!

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