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Dr. Thiago Bianco Leal is a general surgeon with a special interest in hair transplants  (transplante capilar), he trained in Europe to learn the FUE technique which he was one of the first surgeons in Brazil to offer and the first one to do larger mega sessions of FUE in one day.

Dr. Thiago Bianco Leal, a renowned hair transplant surgeon, is a regular figure in the Brazilian media on topics of hair loss and hair restoration. He is passionate about developing innovative tools and techniques to enhance the outcomes of his surgeries. Dr. Thiago also advocates for Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) as an effective method to increase hair density, particularly for patients with limited donor areas. Vinci Hair Clinic was the first to offer the SMP procedure in Brazil. Dr. Thiago specializes in strip, FUE, body hair, and beard transplants, as well as eyebrow and eyelash transplants. Additionally, he provides medical treatments to halt hair loss.


The Ultradensity® is the result of the perfect combination of the Thiago Bianco Method and his vast knowledge and unparalleled artistic and technical skills. It is possible to achieve a greater hair follicles removal from the donor area, so that the region has no signs of removal. This allows the patient to achieve a special capillary ultra-density for the transplanted area. This technique, exclusive to Dr. Thiago Bianco, achieves the best result available in the market for a hair transplant, reaching the implantation of among 90 to 100 grafts per cm2, if the patient donor area allows to.

About Dr. Thiago Bianco Leal

Dr. Thiago Bianco Leal is a globally recognized hair transplant surgeon, known for pioneering the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique in Brazil. With extensive training in Europe and an innovative approach to hair restoration, Dr. Bianco has revolutionized the field of hair transplantation.

Expertise and Techniques

FUE Technique Pioneer: Dr. Bianco was among the first surgeons in Brazil to adopt and master the FUE technique, which involves extracting individual hair follicles from the donor area and implanting them into the recipient area. This method ensures minimal scarring and natural-looking results​ (Thiago Bianco)​​ (Thiago Bianco)​.

The Thiago Bianco Method: This unique approach includes making pre-incisions in the recipient area before follicle extraction, maximizing follicle survival and enabling higher density grafting. This technique, combined with customized surgical instruments and software, ensures precise and effective hair transplants​ (Thiago Bianco)​​ (Thiago Bianco)​.

Ultradensity® Technique: Exclusive to Dr. Bianco, the Ultradensity® technique allows for the implantation of up to 100 grafts per square centimeter, achieving unparalleled hair density and natural appearance. This advanced method is ideal for patients seeking significant hair restoration with minimal downtime​ (FUE Surgeons Directory)​.

Comprehensive Hair Restoration Services

Beard and Mustache Transplants: Dr. Bianco offers specialized transplants to correct bald patches, flaws, and imperfections, creating a fuller, natural look that complements the patient’s facial features​ (Thiago Bianco)​.

Eyebrow Transplants: Utilizing the FUE No Shave technique, Dr. Bianco provides eyebrow transplants that blend seamlessly with existing hair, allowing patients to resume normal activities quickly​ (Thiago Bianco)​.

Female Pattern Hair Transplants: Dr. Bianco’s extensive experience with female-pattern baldness ensures optimal results for women experiencing hair thinning and loss. His techniques enhance hair density and redefine the hairline to restore natural beauty​ (Thiago Bianco)​.

Patient-Centered Care

Dr. Thiago Bianco’s commitment to patient satisfaction is evident in his thorough preoperative evaluations, customized treatment plans, and comprehensive post-operative care. Patients benefit from rapid recovery protocols and continuous support from a dedicated nursing team​ (Thiago Bianco)​​ (Thiago Bianco)​.

Global Recognition

Dr. Bianco’s expertise has garnered international acclaim, attracting patients from around the world to his state-of-the-art clinic. His innovative techniques and dedication to natural results make him a sought-after surgeon in the field of hair transplantation​ (Thiago Bianco)​​ (FUE Surgeons Directory)​.




Google Reviews

64 reviews
  • Daniel Coelho
    Daniel Coelho
    4 years ago

    Excellent experience I I'm very happy with my hair transplant dr thiago and his team made me feel comfortable from the moment I arrived to the end,I'm impressed whit the results

  • Marlene de Cicco Má

    Péssimo atendimento, foi realizada uma biópsia do couro cabeludo a 1 mês e 2 dias e até o momento sem nenhum retorno e ou previsão de quando vai ficar pronta! Tudo nessa clínica tem que pagar antecipado, consulta, biopsia e etc.. o pix tem que acontecer, porém, na hora de dar o retorno e o mínimo de atenção ao cliente, deixa muito a desejar, estou completamente decepcionada! Já falei com Nathalia, Viviane e a enrolação é sempre a mesma, o LABORATÓRIO IRÁ NOS DAR UM RETORNO COM A PREVISÃO!!! Um absurdo! 33 dias para um resultado que até agora nem quando irá sair não sei.

  • Omar
    a month ago

    Atendimento perfeito os médicos explicam tudo certinho, eu sigo o dr Thiago Bianco, eu tenho absoluta certeza que o Dr e uma referência mundial.

  • Taina Soares
    Taina Soares
    6 months ago

    Meu marido realizou a consulta e ficou super satisfeito. O atendimento é excelente, super indico. Nunca vi um atendimento tão personalizado, fomos muito bem cuidados

  • Thiago
    3 weeks ago

    É só pra famoso, 90k o orçamento. Provavelmente fazem isso pra que a pessoa desista.

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